The science

What is Celessence™ technology?

Celessence™ technology is a micro-encapsulation technology. Micro-capsules are like tiny invisible containers which can be filled with something and then fixed on to a substrate.
The micro-capsules protect their contents until the surface they are attached to is rubbed or agitated at which point they break and release their contents gradulally over time.
Celessence™ technology can be applied to all sorts of substrates including paper, and even textiles. Using our proprietary binder system, billions of tiny polymeric microcapsules filled with freshness benefits, skin care actives or simply fragrances can be fixed on to textiles.
Movement, friction or rubbing bursts open these invisible containers and their contents are gradually released on demand.
For Textiles, Celessence™ technology is applied at the mill during the dyeing and finishing process, either by padding on to bulk fabric or via exhaust on to finished garments.
Our proprietary binder system together with our technically engineered fragrances and actives ensure that the benefits of Celessence™ technology last through several washes.

We are experts in understanding the senses and how consumers respond to sensory stimuli

With our knowledge of Sensory Science, we are able to develop fragrances that perfectly echo different consumer needs and moods. We understand smells that energise, smells that relax, smells that bring comfort and smells that feel right, close to the skin.

We use our expertise to develop outstanding fragrances for Celessene™ technology and to apply those fragrances at just the right intensity to give maximum pleasure to the consumer.

We know how to freshen things up!

Celessence™ freshness technology is based on patented technology that works to neutralize those everyday smells that can seep into things and create an unclean feeling, whilst adding a pleasant, neutral and clean smell. We counteract bad smells, we don’t
mask them.

Celessence™ technology helps to bring freshness to clothing, soft furnishings and even to help combat odours in the car and at home.

Adding skin care benefits to your clothing

Imagine leggings infused with slimming benefits, summer pantyhose with cooling technology, indulgent blends with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to soothe and moisturize. Celessence™ technology brings a totally new dimension to clothing with a wide range of carefully crafted and balanced skin care benefits.

Did you know that it takes only
2 seconds for an aroma to travel from the nose to the part of the brain that governs memory and emotions?

The use of essential oils to pamper, soothe and create a mood is age old. Our sense of smell is a powerful sense, but we sometimes overlook it in our visually driven world.

With our unique knowledge and understanding of Sensory Science, and the links between the human sense of smell and emotion, we can infuse textiles with blends to make you feel good, to energise, to relax, to give comfort or even to take you back to your childhood.